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Your Doctor may have asked for you to have ultrasound or x-ray guided treatment. This will be carried out at the same time as your examination. Most procedures are carried out quickly and are made relatively painless by the use of local anaesthetic.

f your treatment is under x-ray control, it is usually carried out at either the Manor hospital or the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre. Ultrasound guided injections are usually carried out at St Luke’s Hospital. Click here for a map of these clinics

In most cases you can return to work immediately should you wish, although a short period of rest so that you can recover from the injection is wise. The radiologist looking after you will give you any additional advice that you need.

Occasionally we will ask you to be accompanied by a family member or friend if you are having a procedure which prevents you from driving afterwards

Please click the links below for information regarding specific treatments.

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