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Shoulder joint Subacromial subdeltoid bursa injection Shoulder & AC joint injection Shoulder distension for frozen shoulder Calcium barbotage Wrist joint de Quervains injection and release Wrist joint injection Tendon sheath injection Carpal tunnel injection Trigger finger release Small eg PIP DIP joint injectionHip joint Hip joint injection Trochanteric and sub gluteus medius bursa injection. Iliopsoas injection Ischial bursa injection Sacroiliac joint injection Facet joint and nerve blocks Vertebroplasty Our vertebroplasty service is carried out in conjunction with the Spine Surgeons. We offer a combined Consultant clinical and procedure serviceSpine Sacroiliac joint injection Facet joint and nerve blocksElbow joint Tennis elbow treatment Elbow joint injectionsKnee & Ankle joint Knee, ankle and subtalar joint injection Achilles and patellar tendon therapy (dry needle, AB, PRP, paratenon strip) Tendon sheath injection Plantar Fascia injection and dry needle therapy Morton’s neuroma, diagnosis and injection therapy